VISION #OneWord2020

January 2020

I leave behind a decade, but I refuse to not look back. When we look back, we reflect upon what worked, what didn’t, and what worked but needed tweaking. I look back, not with rose colored lenses, but with a clear view behind me of some huge successes, and some failures that were equally large. I see a career that has moved from a kindergarten, to first grade, to fifth grade teacher.  I see my own three children rising from a couple feet above the ground to closing in on my own height and one now towering above me. I see a family that has grown stronger in spite of job losses, yes plural, and job changes that brought our vision into clear focus of what matters most. I see a love for my husband that has deepened every day of the last ten years we have shared together, and I look with anticipation of the next ten years alongside this man, who seems to not see the wrinkles, gray hair, and age spots I have added to my reflection that I continue to see in the mirror. I see 232 students upon my roster, whose names and lives I will forever see upon my heart.  As I look back, I see the past decade moving forward pushing to this goal of reaching into 2020 and nudging me to look ahead. I look ahead with hope. I look ahead with lenses of wisdom that help me to see things a little broader and clearer than before.   

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As I stand in this current space in time, I look in front of me, with a renewed hope to see what is right in front of me with 20/20 vision, able to see what I haven’t before. I seek to see the life in the darkness. I seek to see the strengths over the weaknesses. I seek to see the solutions before the problems. I seek to see the best in everyone I encounter. This is my VISION for 2020, and this is my vision for my present and my future. 

There are times, I may need correction to my life’s lenses, and my “bottom hands” are given full invitation to call me out on what I don’t see, and help point out the life in a situation I may overlook. When I get narrow in my vision, and look back at my mistakes too long, I ask them to remind me to tilt my eyes forward and keep plodding along. When I look for the pat on the back from others instead of from The One who gave me the vision, I invite the hands that hold me to adjust my vision. I seek to hold hands with those who do not see what is in front of them, along with those friends who do not need their vision enhanced, and lean into collective efficacy, with a broadened VISION for the life that 2020 holds.

Looking ahead with hope,


Thanks to my sis (who I affectionately call Super Sister) for the inspiration of my #OneWord, along with faithfully being the one who calls me out on looking back and looking “small” too long. My VISION is more clear because of your influence in my life.